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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

OK, now I feel like one of those people sitting at a PMBR desk, but here are my 2 cents on PMBR and the MBE. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have kinda become a crazy bar exam taker. I have taken 4 bar exams (including some of the what are know as the "toughest" bar exams, Cali and NY). I feel like I have to write this in my blog because I truly believe it to be true - PMBR IS WORTH GOLD! Although Cali and NY dont reveal your MBE score if you pass, the other 2 bar exams I took, I received about 160 raw on the MBE... You must have a high IQ, I was told... but hell no! I was an average law student, and an even more average bar studier... but I will tell you this. If you do well on the MBE you can fail everything else. For exam, one of my fellow Cali study-buddies figured out that with just a 142 raw on the MBE you can litterally fail every essay and every PT with a 60 and still pass.

So this is my 2 cents advice... no matter what you read on other blogs or what your friends think, unless they have more bar exam taking experience than me, listen to what I am about to say...

1. Take the PMBR 6 day and 3 day

2. For the 6 day, dont just do the questions at home and then come in for the lecture (worse yet, do the questions at home and review the answers at home). This is why... the bar exam is not just about answering questions. It's about timing. It's about being able to concentrate 110% while the person next to has whooping caught. It's about being up and functioning at 9AM. Also, the PMBR lecturers dont just read the answers out of the book. They give you advice and mini-pep talks... which is good.

3. For the 3 day, dont just do the simulated exam the 1st day and then review the answers at home the 2nd and 3rd day..

4. Of course, you dont have to take any of this advice, but I promise you that is what got me through 4 bar exams...

If anyone has any thoughts, please post them!!

To me, the real key is timed tests with good questions, be it PMBR or BAR/BRI. I like PMBR better, too, but BAR/BRI's MBEs have some value...although they are more convoluted than necessary.
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