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Sunday, June 18, 2006
  Surfing Today

OK - maybe I am officially procrastinating or lazy today, but I have been surfing some other bar exam blogs... saw this one, and boy, do I get it! I felt like this too... but CHIN UP!!

Studying for the Texas Bar Exam Current mood: lethargic

Ok so I remember all those comments from those that have already had the joy of studying for the bar that this summer was really going to suck. But did I believe them? Well, I thought maybe they were just a little whiny and needed some sympathy.

HOWEVER - studying for the bar sucks. Things I have noticed in the first week of studying.

1. I need to stock up on my sweat pants/stretchy waist band baggy ass pants cuz all I do for 10+ hours a day is sit at my desk, get up for more Dr.Peppers, pee, and eat. This is NOT good.

2. I resolve to shower daily! I get up in the morning. Go to the bathroom. Down a Dr. Pepper and sit at my desk. 10 freakin@?!&^@#@* hours later its starts to get dark. Im still in the same stretchy pants and T-Shirt I went to bed in the night before. FUCK! I guess I will shower at night. BTW - I DID brush my teeth this morning at least!

3. Im NEVER going to get some ass this summer. I had a mission to meet some of those hot astronauts boys since Im like a mile from NASA now but Im thinking that may not work out. Hello Mr. Purple!!

4. I HAVE TO come up with a work out routine. Even if its going for a walk for 30 minutes. I will go insane if I keep this up for 6+ weeks. Holy shit. Any suggestions?

5. Im going to totally lose my ability to drink. Which may be a good think but DAMN when this is over I want to be able to have a few Southern Comfort on the Rocks before I start spewing or passing out.
So, Shower, Very well, work out, in new stretchy pants, and sip on a little sumpin sumpin to keep my tolerance up!

And let the fun begin!!
what blog did you cut and paste from?
I cant remember... Sorry! I have now figured out how to link website as a link, so I will do it in the future...
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