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Monday, June 19, 2006
  The Study Group

Ok, so it's official... I am going to sign up for The Study Group. I have only received a few comments on which bar exam course is the best (or what people think is the best/the worst/the ugly)... Maybe no one reads this blog... Has anyone out there taken the VA bar exam or taken The Study Group?

I have taken Barbri, and I totally think that they suck, but maybe they are ok for VA? I was shock (I mean shocked!) when I passed a bar exam taking Barbri (i.e. We aren't going to do Con Law because it hasnt been on the essays in 20 years. Test takers begin. Open the bar exam booklet, and what's the 1st essay question? A FULL blown Con Law essay! I almost fell over...)

Having said that, unlike NY or Cali, VA doesnt seem to have many options except for The Study Group, Micromash and Barbri...

If ANYONE has ANY thoughts to this, I would REALLY appreciate it!!

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