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Monday, June 12, 2006
  Input Needed!
So, what courses did everyone decide to take? Any advice on your bar course would be very helpful. Please post your opinions... Thanks!
I took the course offered by The Study Group. The key was self-paced study and quality materials. I had to take and pass the February VA bar in about 25 days.
I hope that you passed!
Does the screen name help answer that question? Sure did!
That is great! So, overall you would have good things to say about study group? I am thinking that is my best option because I will be working crazy full time hours.
I would. Obviously, given the volume of materials, there were some errors, which I notified Stan Hamrick about. He told me that he and his staff were conducting a comprehensive review and update of the materials. With any concerns or comments, Stan was very responsive.
Great to hear that. Yes, every communication I have had with them has been very productive.
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