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Friday, June 16, 2006
  How to Memorize

Someone asked me how I memorized for the CA bar exam... maybe this will help someone :)

Honestly studies so differently than anyone I know.

1. I listened to all the Fleming tapes and PMBR CDs. You can order the Crim Pro CD if you call them too. My worst subjects are crim pro and con law, so I really needed the extra CD.
I really learn from listening and not reading, but if you can memorize things from reading then go for it. I really just high lighted and wrote notes in the margins when going through Fleming's outlines while listening to the tapes. I found that I really retained a lot that way. Then I would write out everything Fleming would say during his essay critiques. That was my "solidifying" what I had learned in this lecture.

2. Then I would issue spot and write out a few essays (including the ones for essay critique). After writing my essay, I would compare it to the sample essays. Any points that I didnt really get or thought that I wasnt too concrete on, I would make a mini-outline on that part. For example, search without warrants has always been a huge problem for me. So I outlines that entire section.

3. Then I would search of essays on that topic and try to relate my mini-outlines to that particular essay. If I still didnt get it, I would outline the section again, but with more detail on subsections (i.e. Stop and Frisk).

4. That's all I really did for essays and memorizing...

5. I always did AT LEAST 50 MBE Qs a day. I found them to be a bit relaxing and a change of pace after listening to Fleming's annoying voice and writing all day... I pretty much HATE essays, so doing multiple choice questions was awesome for me. I always read the entire answer. I also made mini-charts for certain topics that I found confusing ( i.e. marital v. spousal exclusion --- 2 column chart --- who it covers, what it covers, when it expires). Then I would plaster these charts all over my study room... I know, crazy! Another good chart was homicde through mis-d manslaughter, what intent required, any defeneses, intoxication (put intoxication in a separate column because it comes up so often).

Seriously, that's all that I did. I think that more than what you know, it's how you put it down on paper that is more important.

Hope that helps...
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