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Thursday, May 25, 2006
  Typical Schedule
Some people have asked what my typcial day would look like, so here it is.
Of course, if there was a subject that really didnt get, (such as when I took NY I totally did not get NY civ pro), I would spend additional days on it...

8 AM Rise and Shine/Shower/Eat Breakfast - we're still hygenic at this point
9 AM-1 Attend or Listen to Lecture
1-2:30 Lunch & Break Time or Nap
2:30-6:30 100 MBE Qs (2 hours to do & 2 hours to correct)
6:30-7 Break - usually to chat with friends - havent spoken to anyone all day!
7-8 Review "trouble" spots of the day (make mini outlines)
8-9:30 Dinner/Break
9:30-11:30 Issue spot 3 essays (20 mins each) and read sample essays (20 mins each)
Midnight - BED TIME

I suggest making up a schedule that you think that you can follow and be realistic. Dont say ok, 8AM - Midnight Review
Midnight - 2AM Essays
Dont go to bed

Remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. You cant burn out too early. Otherwise you just wont be able to build up the last month.

I also am a true believer in sleep and rest. That's why my schedule has so many breaks, especially towards the end of the day when my brain is fried. I also need like 8-9 hours of sleep a night, that's why in bed at midnight.

Also, except for the last 3 weeks before the exam, I ALWAYS take Sunday off and a weekday afternoon or evening off to do errands that cant be done on a Sunday. I usually took it on Thursday when I started feeling burnt out... An afternoon or day off means a more productive week.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for your post on my Blog. It always helps to be in touch with others who are either going down the same path, or better yet, have already passed the Bar; especailly the "California Bar".

I have 2 specific questions for you:
1- I have heard that one should not do active--meaning spend dedicated time--memorizations of black letter law until the last two weeks before the exam. Of course we start recalling much of the stuff as we work with them, but to polish and do the real recall that is required, should we wait till then? What did you do?
2- Did you type, or write? and how many full length essays per subject did you practice on, and of course how about PTs?
Thanks so much,
1. Not quite sure how I studied, but here it is :)

I always went to lecture or listened to the tapes (homestudy). For me, active learning starts with hearing the lecture. Then I did practice essays (issue spotting). If I missed an issue, then I would reread and make a mini-outlines on that subject. As for memorizing black letter law, I never really sat down and just memorized an outline or subject.

Example. Community Property I was clueless on. When trying to issue spot essays, I couldnt't. So I ended up "active" learning the entire subject.

Regardless of how you study, I certainly would NOT wait until 2 weeks before the exam to memorize black letter law. You will run out of time, stress out and not do as well on the MBE.

2. I typed the essays.
I only practiced about 2 or 3 essays per subject, unless I was totally clueless (CP). Otherwise, I just made mini-outlines (issue spotting).

As for the PTs, I never did one...

Hope this helps! PLEASE let me know if there is anything more specific I can answer.
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