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Friday, May 26, 2006
  Taking the Weekend OFF!!
Hi to all! OK, I am taking the weekend off... no studying, no thinking about studying and definitely no thinking about the bar exam.

February is a long ways away... I suppose once this weekend is over, I should start seriously thinking about finding a bar course... if anyone has any suggestions on this, please post it.

Have a GREAT weekend!!
I ended up using both BarBri and PMBR.

The PMBR is great for the MBE section and I thought the BarBri did well for the essay portion.

I also had a set of Micromash books, but I was not impressed by them. Some of the sample answers were wrong and misleading. So if one relied on those, he or she might lose a lot of points.

Good luck.
Does anyone know of a good set of commercial flashcards to supplement the Barbri outlines, etc.?
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