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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
  The 1st Entry
OK - I am pretty much technologically retarded, but couldn't find a blog out there for the VA bar exam... and looking at sites like JDJive and others, it seems as though there should be.

I am planning on taking the February 2007 VA bar exam, and need lots of help, advice and support. Have never lived in VA and know nothing about the VA bar exam, but need to take it for work and stuff.

I hope that you find this blog helpful, and PLEASE if you have suggestions let me know.

A Bit About Me:
I have taken the NY bar exam and passed and have been practicing for a couple of years. Now, I need to start my long and miserable journey of taking another bar exam.

I live in NY but may have to move to VA for personal reasons. That is why I am taking the VA exam.

A Bit About This Blog:
I hope that people post interesting information they have and share any advice, bar courses, outlines, etc...

This can be a place to complain and get support... We're all on the same journey.
I would suggest using a private tutor.
I used Dion Sullivan & he is located in DC. Expensive, yet well worth it! The VA bar is hard and will be even harder for those who have no knowledge of VA law. Best of luck to you!
Thanks for your comment, but I will be working and studying from NY. Wish I could be in VA to get a tutor.
Here is the website for Dion Sullivan:
The DC Bar is easy to get into if you have a 131 on your MBE with NY Bar admission. Though, for Va Bar, I believe it is a 10 yrs active practice period for admission on motion. Have you considered Pro Hac Vice till you get ten years of practice in? Or working as Corp counsel under someone elses license?
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